Friday, May 28, 2010

Pressing On

30 min. workout video - 5 days in a row

Vitamins all day

Ate correctly all day - writing everything down

Except for dinner - ate late - fixed Kraft Mac n Cheese spiral with 2 turkey hotdogs after I had had crackers and swiss cheese - didn't have ice cream and got to bed early - the night before I made a Smart Ones Ziti dinner but made extra ziti and added it to it because I was soooooo hungry - what was I thinking of???? I'm not planning my evening meals and I'm not eating enough fruit. I need to write it down here - it seems to keep me more honest. I ate a whole grapefruit yesterday and need to buy more. My youngest daughter and her boyfriend are arriving tonight from DC at about 1 a.m. so I am busy getting ready for them. She is working out and is trying to eat correctly so I am planning healthy meals - and snacks.


30 min workout video and Quiet Time

2 scrambled eggs w/cheese
2 slices of bacon
I'm on my third bottle of water and it is just lunch time.

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Anonymous said...

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